Welcome to RGS Financial, Inc.

RGS provides the best possible BPO and ARM Services—from third-party debt collection, to customer retention and care.

RGS is proud of its ability to exceed clients’ expectations by providing an array of solutions—solutions for both clients and their customers. As a recognized industry expert in the BPO and ARM industries, RGS strives to always offer superior solutions to clients, their customers, and to our valuable RGS employees.

RGS is a leading nationwide provider of call center solutions. RGS provides the highest levels of customer service through advanced call center technology and exceptional business compliance practices. RGS understands the importance of protecting our client's image and brand; therefore we endeavor to treat each customer ethically and with the upmost respect.

RGS has zero tolerance for unethical and impolite business practices. RGS takes great strides to ensure that company ethical and compliance standards are consistently met. RGS' reputation, innovation, and experience allow us to consistently offer the best outsource solutions possible.

RGS is committed to:

  • Clients whom we service
  • Clients’ customers with whom we engage one-on-one
  • Valued employees
  • Data security, privacy regulations, and compliance

RGS was founded in 2005. Corporate offices are located in Richardson, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.

RGS is certified as a State of Texas Historically Underutilized Woman-Owned Business.