Mission Statement

RGS will be a steadfast leader in the outsource industry by providing innovative, and custom solutions that protect our clients’ reputations, provide the utmost respect to each consumer we assist, and hold all RGS employees accountable for their compliance and integrity, without ever compromising our guiding principles.

Guiding Principles:


The core of our business model is respect. Respect for one another internally. Respect for the clients we serve and their goals. Respect for the consumers we interact with. It all begins with respect.


We understand that we play a key role in helping clients abide by their financial agreements. We are thankful that our client place trust in us to represent their brand. We appreciate the position we are in to actively pursue account resolution with the consumers we interact with. Helping others helps us all.


We focus on training, coaching, continuous improvement, and results. As one of only 58 ACA PPMS-certified agencies, RGS strives to be the industry leader for service. We offer dedicated client service representatives and robust reporting functions.