RGS provides services across multiple industries—automotive, health care, commercial, credit card, education, medical, and utilities. At RGS, we are a nationally recognized leader in the ARM and business process outsourcing (BPO) industries. Our BPO offerings include customer care, contact services, and accounts receivables services.

RGS advantages:

  • Top down culture of compliance
  • “Brand-centric philosophy” to maintain our clients’ reputations
  • Superior data and customer information security
  • Professional client services team, skilled in customer service excellence
  • Complete account life cycle solutions
  • Proven, wide spectrum of services to meet clients’ needs
  • Bilingual capabilities to serve the needs of numerous markets

ARM Services

RGS is proud of its ability to exceed both client and consumer expectations by providing these specific services:

  • Third-party Debt Collections
  • First-party Receivable Management
  • Asset Location Services
  • Consulting Services

BPO Services

RGS has highly skilled customer service representatives who help clients develop, maintain, and grow their customer relationships. BPO programs vary depending on each client's specific goals. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Welcome calls
  • Surveys
  • Loyalty programs
  • New production notifications
  • Fraud detection/prevention

Commercial Services

The RGS experienced commercial recovery team handles balances of all types across various industries. RGS is committed to the timely recovery of our client’s accounts receivables. Through client-specific programs, we work diligently to help clients maximize their cash flow.

Asset Location Services

RGS provides innovative and effective asset location services on "high-value" consumers and businesses. These services offer comprehensive investigative methods that traditional applications cannot offer.