Client Testimonials

“I chose RGS because it is owned and operated by people with the experience and trustworthiness I was searching for . . . and they know that brand protection matters!”
- Jeff Campbell, Executive Vice President, Sensa Products LLC

“They (RSG) have been absolutely great and I have appreciated working with them. They are very friendly and have always been very quick to respond to my questions and concerns.”
- Aimee Soosoo, Client Liaison, Asset Acceptance

“We have been working with RGS on our overdrawn deposit accounts for over two years. RGS has retained almost half of the accounts we send them. Their efforts have been instrumental in helping us significantly reduce our charge-off dollars.”
- Dennis Schenk, Vice President of Operations, Associated Banks

“I received great feedback about the RGS employee (Veronica) who helped our customer with the payment . . . The customer service was great and you guys were very nice to her. I just wanted to let you guys know what she said about RGS. Thank you again!”
- Rae Breshears, Loss Prevention Coordinator,
NBH Bank (formerly Bank Midwest)

Consumer Testimonials

RGS differentiates itself from other companies by dealing with consumers in a courteous and professional manner. We are thrilled to receive positive feedback regarding our outstanding employees.

"I really enjoyed working with Gia on my delinquent account. She was extremely professional and was not a ‘Bear Cat’ like most bill collectors. She has been extremely pleasant and has made the process much easier for me."
- A Satisfied Consumer

“I just want to say "thank you" for a wonderful experience with Bernard. He is very professional and has great telephone manners. He attended to all my needs. He is not only a wonderful business man but he is also warm and caring person who tries to meet the consumer’s needs . . . I don't normally write letters but I felt the need to write a letter of appreciation. I have debt with some rude debt collectors in the past, but not this time.”
- Karen Hendricks-Jordan

“Debt collectors are usually considered to be cold and rude. This was not the case with Wanda. She was extremely nice and very helpful for not knowing my situation as well as informative. You have a great employee with her and in difficult situations she is going to prove invaluable.”
- A Satisfied Consumer

“I want to give kudos to Tracy who was so great handling my account. He allowed our office gal to explain that it is hard to reach me. When I asked him to not call me at work he readily apologized and meant it sincerely. I realize he has a job to do . . . and it made it much easier for me to get this debt resolved. People like Tracy are definitely an asset in this type of field. I am a corrections officer and I know a professional when I talk to one. Thank you for not making me feel like a low-life because I had an outstanding debt.”
- A Satisfied Consumer

“Tasha is a kind, compassionate and lovely person whose intelligence provided me with enough confidence that I just committed to over $300, that had she not called me, I would not have paid. I would have filed bankruptcy, but I can’t let Tasha down. Please give her a bonus, because if you don’t, someone else might. I don’t know her personally; I’m just another number on the list, but, she should be recognized.”
- Lisa B., a Satisfied Consumer